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Our Kids and Family Services Department serves youngsters from birth to 6th grade, as well as their parents and caregivers through a special collection of parenting and teaching materials.

Year-round programming includes programs for babies and toddlers, story times for pre-schoolers and elementary school students, bilingual story times, arts and crafts, live entertainment, films, parenting workshops and an incentive/reward based summer reading program.

Our staff are glad to assist children and teens in finding the right material for their homework assignments, research projects, general information and reading enjoyment. We also has a large collection of books, videos and other materials in both English and Spanish.

Hampton Library is a Family Place Library

Family Place Library

Family Place is a network of children's librarians nationwide who believe that literacy begins at birth, and that libraries can help build healthy communities by nourishing healthy families. Please visit our specially designed, welcoming space within the children's area and out collections of books, toys, music and multimedia materials for babies and toddlers.

Summer News

Family Fun Day

The Hampton Library is happy to welcome summer with exciting programs for the entire family. Please stop in the library and pick up our summer reading tote bag that will include all the details of our summer reading program. We are excited to be kicking off the Summer Reading Program with Nick The Balloonatic. Lets give him a Bridgehampton welcome as he entains our families with his amazing balloon artistry. To welcome the Summer Solstice we have planned a Mommy and Me Yoga out on the lawn and are happy to announce the arrival of Kai, The Hampton Library Reading Dog. Please stop in to visit and read to him. We are excited for the community to join us for our 7th annual Family Fun Day. We have lots of food, games and activities planned for this special event. The children's’ room staff looks forward to seeing everyone there.

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all." ~ Jacqueline Kennedy

Featured Summer Programs

What We Are Reading...


Hello, Universe, by Erin Entrada Kelly

Newbury Award winner Erin Entrada Kelly has produced a wonderful story of bravery, friendship and compassion. In this coming of age novel meet four unlikely candidates destined to become friends because everyone needs a few true friends. The story is narrated by the four main characters, Virgil Salinas, a kindred soul who is not like his sports driven family, Valencia Somerset, who is deaf and loves nature, but feels lonely, Kaori Tanaka, an energetic fortune teller and star reader and Chet Bullens the neighborhood bully. How do they all meet? It all happened one day when a prank goes too far and Virgil goes missing. Virgil is on his way to his psychic appointment with Kaori when he meets up with Chet in woods. Chet being the bully he is, throws Virgil’s backpack into the well. Virgil’s pet guinea pig, Gulliver is in his backpack. Virgil climbs down the well to rescue him but the last few rungs on the ladder are missing so he jumps down knowing he will not be able to get out. Meanwhile Kaori is concerned that Virgil is late for his appointment because he is never late. Kaori’s next appointment does show up, Valencia Somerset. Can the two of them with the help of Gem, Kaori’s tag a long sister find out what happened to Virgil? A beautifully written novel that will touch your heart. You never know when a true friend will come along.



The Good Egg, by Jory John

In this delightful picture book meet the good egg and the rest of his bad behaved dozen. After living with his poorly behaved family our good egg starts to crack up. To save himself he leaves his family hoping to find a perfect world. On his journey he realizes that life is not perfect, and that is okay. All readers will be absorbed in the strong message of balancing life’s mishaps as well as accepting others for who they are. This books flowing story and beautifully fun crafted illustrations is sure to leave you “eggcited.”


"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

Doctor Seuss

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