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Our Kids and Family Services Department serves youngsters from birth to 6th grade, as well as their parents and caregivers through a special collection of parenting and teaching materials.

Year-round programming includes programs for babies and toddlers, story times for pre-schoolers and elementary school students, bilingual story times, arts and crafts, live entertainment, films, parenting workshops and an incentive/reward based summer reading program.

Our staff are glad to assist children and teens in finding the right material for their homework assignments, research projects, general information and reading enjoyment. We also has a large collection of books, videos and other materials in both English and Spanish.

Hampton Library is a Family Place Library

Family Place Library

Family Place is a network of children's librarians nationwide who believe that literacy begins at birth, and that libraries can help build healthy communities by nourishing healthy families. Please visit our specially designed, welcoming space within the children's area and out collections of books, toys, music and multimedia materials for babies and toddlers.

Autumn News


The Children’s Librarians have all fallen into a pile of good books this season. Come find out what exciting books we’d love to share with you. We would like to congratulate everyone who signed up for our Summer Reading Program. What a wonderful job everyone did. The hours read were off the charts. We have some exciting programs planned for the fall including Pumpkin Painting, Magnetic Slime, Drawn to Music, and Firefly in a Bottle. We are happy to add a new morning program to our lineup: Petite Picassos, a great opportunity for our young artists to express their creativity.  See ya’ll in the Children’s Room.

"Reading for me, is spending time with a friend.” ~ Gary Paulsen


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What We Are Reading...


Mitzvah Pizza, by Sarah Lynn

In this delightful picture book, based on true events, we learn what it means to help others. Our story begins with Missy and her Dad about to spend a special day together. Usually Dad brings the funds and Missy brings the fun, but this week Missy wants to treat her dad. As they are walking down the street contemplating what to do, they stop to get pizza. Missy befriends a girl on line, Jane as they wait their turn to order. Missy observes that her dad pays in dollars, but her new friend pays with a sticky note. Missy then notices the wall of sticky notes. Her dad explains to her that each sticky note represents a slice of pizza. These slices have been prepaid by the people in the community who want to help others in need. It doesn’t take long for Missy to know how she will spend her money. The message is clearly visible as children will see the joy in helping others in need.


The War that Saved my Life, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

The War that Saved my Life, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

"Achingly lovely . . . Nuanced and emotionally acute, this vivid tale from the wartime home front will have readers ages 10-14 wincing at Ada's stumbles and rejoicing to the point of tears in her victories."— The Wall Street Journal

This award winning novel, 2016 Caldecott Honor, will toil with your emotions as we are introduced to ten year old Ada and her younger brother Jamie. Life in England during the start of the war is not easy. Ada and Jamie live with their mum in a small flat in London. Ada has never seen the light of day, born with a club foot her mother has kept her in the house ashamed of her. As life gets tougher for Ada’s Mum so does the anger she has for Ada. Bearing the brunt of her mom’s wrath, Ada has always protected her younger brother Jaimie from her. Due to the potential bombs of the war, the children are sent to the country for protection, but not Ada. Not wanting to leave her brother, Ada sneaks out of the house and ventures with the neighborhood children to seek refuge in the country. Ada’s life is about to change as she and Jaimie are taken in by Susan, who has lost her companion. The three of them together will learn the true meaning of love and family.


"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

Doctor Seuss

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